Looking Forward

It’s not about when the “trials and tribulations” will be over and when you will “find peace.”  You need to find peace in the trials.  You need to view the trials as experiences.  All experience, good and bad, is what you learn from.  Without it, we’re just empty shells living drone life.  The act of living in your experience, acknowledging it, breathing it in, is what brings you peace. Unfortunately, too much of our media & entertainment has sold us and told us that peace is equal to relaxation.  In perpetuity.  Drinking that cocktail on the beach is not peace,…

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There’s a lot of opportunity in life.  The challenge behind opportunity is how little it tends to be recognized.  Typically this is because standard and hard life counter-balances the gleam of hope to excess and adverse effect.  When presented with phenomenal opportunity, the comfort of complacency and the futility of hardship, an unfortunate reaction is the tendency to revel in misery for some.  Most accept a complacent route, allowing others to speak for them and choose their path. A small few individuals seize opportunity.  While some traits appear common among these, the only one that truly is common is situational motivation. …

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