Midwest UX 2013 – Grand Rapids is Amazing

I write this still sitting in Michigan, just outside of Grand Rapids (so alas, no brunch for me) at a hotel near the airport. This year was my third year at Midwest UX. I’m not from the Midwest (although family members do hail from Ohio). I don’t live in the Midwest, but in 2011 a friend and co-worker at the time, Andrew Hinton said that there was this crazy, intimate little conference that’s going to happen in Columbus, OH & that I should go. Columbus? Seriously? Well, it’s inexpensive. Why not… I recall that reaction mainly because when I heard that MWUX would…

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IA, Metamorphosis, & Design

I was mowing the lawn the other day and, although I spent $50 extra at the time I bought the mower for an electric start mower, i pulled the rip cord to get the mower started.  Why?  Because the electric start requires the battery to be charged.  This requires plugging it into an electrical outlet, preferably overnight.  Too often, my son or I forget to do it, or we simply don’t do it (since it would require at least three extra steps…) So it got me thinking…what a great example of graceful degradation, or better yet, metamorphosis.  I mean, it’s…

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Information Architecture & Communication

There’s no formal, respected education track to becoming an information architect.  The most widely-held is Human Computer Interaction, but the role of an information architect tends to be filled by people from a variety of backgrounds who have seamed together along a few common threads.  Most prevalent among those threads is a conscious or sub-conscious need to create organization out of chaos.  That chaos most often is in the form of the client.  Or, more specifically, the personalities composing the client’s team. Executive management committees, secretary turned art director for a day, programmers, brand managers, and the list goes on.…

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