Agile with UX at 10,000 Ft

What Agile with UX Is Not Agile is not a methodology; it’s a concept Agile is not an excuse to produce less documentation; it’s an excuse to produce relevant documentation Agile is not a method where any one discipline rules; it requires collaboration Agile is not a solution to waterfall; it’s a different tool Agile is not a system where everyone rushes in at once, but overlap can happen when appropriate Agile is not viable if there is not buy-in from the top-down If you haven’t already, I recommend reading the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. It’s worth reading through the…

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Agile UX: Consider Seating

With the idea behind Agile being that interactions and individuals are paramount, everyone involved needs to buy in.  Without complete participation from the team, the concepts behind true Agile are lost.  There’s an approach to bringing the right individuals together that’s so simple, it can easily be missed.  And with this approach, there’s greater opportunity for defining a holistic user experience, defined and committed to by the entire team. Seating. Where people sit… someone inevitably brings it up any time Agile is considered, but rarely is it seen through.  Organizations quickly see to creating cross-discipline teams and putting them in…

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Designing for What Users Do

(Instead of what you want them to do) Genius Loci is the “spirit of a place” in landscape architecture. The lighting, the path, the ambiance comprise the genus loci; and how the visitors of that place react to it, on an emotional, perceptive, and subsequent behavioral level is the result of working with the naturally occuring space. How a space is established against its natural setting dictates how we feel as we enter that space and how we manage ourselves within it. How easily we traverse the pathways within are dictated by our comfort with learning the space we’re in,…

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